Our Diary


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LONDON COSMOPOLITAN DRINKS LIMITED (LCD) was created in 2017, by four people who met at a small business entrepreneurs’ conference.

Although our professional backgrounds are diverse (graphic design, project management, logistics and retail), our core values of challenging existing norms and working in partnership to leave a business legacy continue to be perfectly aligned.

The development of LCD represents a journey of discovery for all of us, as we built the business from scratch. Two years on, we all now agree that we took a leap of faith into the unknown, which is deeply satisfying.

We are determined to grow our business and leave a positive legacy in our community for others to aspire to and build upon.

We strongly believe that partnership is the key to business and personal success.

Through partnership the pace of growth is quicker, more agile and innovative. 

The pooling of knowledge coupled with inquisitive minds helped us to step out of our comfort zone in order to prove that existing norms are not the only way.

We are committed to doing business in a holistic, customer-centred and fair way, and will take every opportunity to engage with and learn from others.

Our flexible payment plans, easy ordering system and down to earth friendly staff, enable hassle-free transactions every time.  

Our range of beverages can be flavoursome or natural and will always enhance any social or business occasion. 

Our company’s journey has just begun with our flagship product NZINGA Natural Spring Water and we intend to take the time to listen intently and learn widely from our customers and our business partners so that our products and service delight you every time.