As Mother nature intended

Naturally filtered through land certified by the Soil Association as ORGANIC and drawn from a UK protected source.


NZINGA water is crystal clear, with a neutral pH and a refreshing natural taste which is 500ml bottled, 100% recyclable.

Health Benefits:

Water dramatically improves our wellbeing. 

Good hydration not only improves the skin but boosts energy levels, improves mental alertness and helps avoid a host of ailments.  

We each need about 2 litres of water per day to enable the body to eliminate toxins, replenish cells, absorb essential vitamins and minerals and allow good regulation of body temperature.

Water is the most efficient natural remover of toxic substances from the body, so when recovering from nights-out and general excess, it's wise to consume plenty of natural water. 


NZINGA water has been naturally filtered through land certified by the Soil Association as ORGANIC and drawn from a protected source. 

The natural spring water is then automatically processed through a state of the art bottling facility to ensure that the final product is as pure as Mother Nature intended.

The UK government has classified the Mendip Hills Water Catchment Area at Cheddar as being an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest).

Our water contains one of the highest mineral contents of all UK waters at 403mg/l.

Typical Mineral Analysis Table:

Calcium 92 mg/l

Magnesium 27.8 mg/l

Potassium 2 mg/l

Sodium 8 mg/l

Bicarbonate 382 mg/l

Chloride 17.4 mg/l

Sulphate 16 mg/l

Dry Residue 180 C 403 mg/l

pH at Source 7.4

Bottled at Source in the Mendip Hills, England.



Our bottles and caps are all 100% recyclable.

The bottles and caps are made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) and our labels are made of PP (Polypropylene).

These materials are all recyclable.

How does PET plastic become a new product? It’s a four step process that begins with you!

In order to give birth to a new product, used PET containers must first be properly disposed of by companies or individuals for recycling collection.

Information provided above is courtesy of the National Association for PET Container Resources.